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News — Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday: @mrscronall


This week, we're celebrating @mrscronall and showcasing her amazing nail art skills. We love Catherine's nail art because she does such fun nail stamping manicures. She really comes up with some great manicure ideas!

@mrscronall Catherine Beautometry's Woman Crush Wednesday nail artist.

Let's get to know Catherine!

When you're not painting your nails, what are you doing?
Catherine is a teacher with 2 masters who grew up in Ireland but now lives in Switzerland. 

What's your favorite thing about nail art?
Catherine enjoys nail art because she can choose something different every day. She says "I can even send myself secret messages and inspirational ideas on stressful days!"

What was the first nail art product you purchased?
A dotticure tool.

When and how did your nail obsession begin?
Catherine owns 800+ bottles. She started out about 4 years ago and really snowballed once she discovered indie nail polish. Purple is her favorite color but blue and read are also favorites. 

What nail technique is your favorite?
Catherine's favorite technique is reverse stamping. Here's a manicure using the reverse stamping technique. Catherine uses MoYou London Animal, Enchanted 12 and Moyra Summertime for this fun spring look! You can find this detailed step by step tutorial on reverse stamping on Catherine's Youtube channel: Mrs. Cronall.



What nail tip would you like to share?
"Have patience and practice - a lot!" Catherine say with nail art stamping to just practise on a lint roller until you develop a technique that works. "Don't plan on doing a manicure. Just take your plate, scraper, polish and stamper and work through all the images." You can take them off the stamper with the lint roller rather than applying to you nails. It "will be less disheartening if it isn't working on every attempt." Catherine says "A glass of wine or a big mug of tea will help with the initial frustration!" And remember, don't scrape too hard or press down too hard when picking up an image.

Catherine has shared some of her beautiful nail stamping manicures with us.

Creative Shop nail stamping plate 115 dragon nail art.

This cute dragon nail stamping manicure was made with Creative Shop plate 115.

Sugar Bubbles SB061 nail stamping plate gnome nail art.

This gnome stamping mani uses Sugar Bubbles SB061. Look how awesome that gnome stamping image is!

Skull nail stamping manicure using Sugar Bubbles SB056 nail stamping plate.

Another favorite of Catherine's is Sugar Bubbles stamping plate SB 056. She used it on this great skull manicure.

Here's a tutorial where Catherine shows us some Halloween nail stamping  with the MoYou London Frankenstein nail stamping plate. Click the play button to watch.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your nail art with us Catherine! If you'd like to follow Catherine's nail art, you can find her on Instagram at @mrscronall or on her nail art stamping YouTube channel Mrs Cronall. 

If you have someone you'd like to nominate for Woman Crush Wednesday, tag their name on our Instagram account. We love recognizing those in the nail art community with such great talent.

Happy Stamping!


Woman Crush Wednesday: @polishedbyleanne


This week, we're celebrating @polishedbyleanne and showcasing her amazing nail art skills. We love Leanne's nail art because her simple nail art reminds us that sometimes less is more. Even a dash of glitter can complete the manicure!

Woman Crush Wednesday: @hefersanja

WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY AT BEAUTOMETRY!! This week, we're celebrating @hefersanja and showcasing her amazing nail art skills. We love Sanja's nail art because not only is she a nail stamping aficionado, but she also usually tells us a story with her nail art.