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Beautometry Rainbowfish Holographic Micro Glitter Powder, 2g

The Beautometry Rainbowfish Holographic Micro Glitter Powder is just what you need to create awesome holographic glitter manicures! You get 2g and need just a tiny, TINY amount even to fill the entire nail. This will last a LONG LONG time.

Put one or two coats of your base color on your nails. Then, choose whether you want to stamp a design or burnish the glitter on to your nails.

If you would like to burnish the glitter flat, then use a silicone buffing tool like our Mermaid Buffer. Put down a coat of Moyra foil stamping polish(in any color) so that the micro glitter particles will stick well. Then, finish off with any top coat, like Moyra Aqua Top Coat.


If you would prefer to create a stamped design, then stamp your image with one of the Moyra foil stamping polishes and then put some of the powder over where the stamped design is and burnish with the silicone buffing tool like our Mermaid Buffer. Finish with Moyra Top Coat and enjoy the holo!

This is a larger glitter particle than the holo mirror/chrome powders available.

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