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How to Apply Water Slide Nail Art Decals

Water Slide Nail Art Decal Instructions with pictures.
Water slide nail art decals are so fun! Even if you don't have very much skill with stamping, you can easily master this method of nail art. Follow these instructions and learn how to apply them in no time. All you need is the water slide decal and water.
  • First, cut out the image you would like to apply to your nail
  • Put the image in some water. Try to get the water to room temperature so it isn't too hot or too cold. Let the image sit for about 10 seconds or so.
  • Take the image out of the water. You should be able to slide the decal off of the backing paper. Be careful not to rip the decal or fold it up against itself.
  • Next, lay the decal where you want to place it on the nail. Decals with a clear background tend to look better over lighter colors; whereas decals with a white background can go over any (even darker) colors.
  • After you get the decal where you want it, top coat over it to seal it in. Make sure you smoothed out all the bubbles and there is no more water on your nail when you do this step to ensure the decal is laying very flat on the nail. If it is not flat, you might snag it and rip it off too soon.

Enjoy your water slide nail art decals!