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Beautometry Bar Magnet for Magnetic Nail Polish

The Beautometry Bar Magnet for Magnetic Nail Polish is great for creating the cat's eye effect with magnetic nail polish!

To get that perfect cat eye manicure, you will need some magnetic polish and one of the various magnets for magnetic nail polish. This bar magnet will give you one type of effect: the magnetic cat's eye.

Put one or two coats of magnetic nail polish on your nails (you can put one coat over a base or two coats by itself) and then hold the magnet above the polish to create the cat's eye effect. If you wish to top coat your effect, you must hold the magnet over the top coat while it is still wet to make sure the effect stays on the nails.

NOTE: These magnets can be fragile and break if dropped. Take care while storing.

(magnetic nail polish sold separately)

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