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Clear Jelly Stamper- Lil Bling Stamper (Clear)

The Lil Bling nail stamper is a clear stamper designed to make it easy to line up your nail art images. The body is completely clear so you can see right through to where you are stamping. The Lil Bling is sized for people with smaller fingernails. It is a great all-around stamper and is appropriate for both large and small nail art.

This stamper comes with end caps that protect your stamper and help it to stand upright. The base cap contains an extra stamping head as a backup. And the base cap is decorated with crystal bling, so it looks great on your work surface!


  • 1 stamper (Height 6 cm, Diameter 3 cm)
  • 2 protective end caps
  • 1 extra jelly stamping head
  • credit card style scraper
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