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Creative Shop Holo Glassy Stamper + Scraper Set

Creative Shop has created a unique clear jelly stamper! This holographic stamper head is clear with holo particles to make any holo loving person enjoy stamping their nails. With the quality that we've come to love they have stepped up the game in clear stampers by bringing this to Beautometry. Holo, yet clear, this stamper combines it all to get the crisp image that Creative Shop stampers have always delivered.

The Creative Shop Stamper is hand-made in the country of Georgia.

Creative Shop Glassy Holo Stamper set includes:

  • 1 Clear jelly stamper with holographic stamper head
  • 2 Creative Shop scraper cards

Instructions for Use:

  1. Prime stamper by washing stamper head with dish soap before first use.
  2. Clean only with sticky tape or a lint roller (never use acetone, alcohol, nail polish remover).
  3. Use stamping head on top of nail bed (don’t poke nail tip into stamping head).
  4. We recommend rolling the stamper onto your nail for best results.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Linda Watkins
Best ever stamper

The Creative Shop Holo Clear Jelly Stamper will pick up anything & everything! It'll pick up from the worst plates. It picks up Every Time Beautifully! No exceptions!

Great stamper!

It's the best stamper I've got in my collection of stampers. I just wish they made a stamper with 2 heads, with 1 about 1" diameter & the other about 3/4" diameter.

Cindy Herrera
good stamper head

Really good stamper heads by creative shop however my item came slightly damaged with nicks, not happy with that. I also got one from CJS which also came with nicks. I am annoyed with the visible damage but it works well overall.