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Hit the Bottle- Stamping Plate- Urban Wild Style

The 'Urban Wild Style' nail stamping plate is inspired by the Wild Style graffiti, which is made up of overlapping and interwoven letters and shapes to form complex pieces.

This plate is a unique opportunity to try out a new style of art! Create a mural type design over many nails or use single images over a brick pattern! Designed to suit various nail lengths. Ideal for reverse stamping or lead lighting techniques.

Stainless steel plate measures 9.5 x 14 cm. Contains 8 full coverage designs, each measuring 17.5 x 22.4 mm, and numerous smaller and larger designs.

Swatches provided by, @thepolishedpeony, @outbackweb, @shakeynails, @swatchitpink@tesladaynails, and @laemperie

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