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Woman Crush Wednesday: @hefersanja

February 07, 2019 3 min read


This week, we're celebrating @hefersanja and showcasing her amazing nail art skills. We love Sanja's nail art because not only is she a nail stamping aficionado, but she also usually tells us a story with her nail art.

@hefersanja nail stamping artist. Beautometry Woman Crush Wednesday featured nail artist.

Let's get to know Sanja!

When you're not painting your nails, what are you doing?
Originally from Croatia, Sanja now lives in Canada where she's a medical office Assistant. 

What's your favorite thing about nail art?
Sanja says "Nail time is me time." Nail art allows her to unwind, relax, and reflect. Nail art is Sanja's creative outlet from the workplace. 

What was the first nail art product you purchased?
The Konad starter kit. It came with a round nail stamping plate, stamper, metal scraper, and black and white nail stamping polishes. 

When and how did your nail obsession begin?
Sanja owns give or take 1500 bottles of polish. When she was younger, her mother didn't approve of wearing makeup but allowed nail polish. Once she tried on nail polish, she was hooked! She even mixed polishes to create new shades. In the 70's she wanted to see a sunny yellow color, which wasn't the norm in nail polish, so she added ink to create the right shade! Today, her favorite color is purple with blue and green close behind. Sanja loves strong colors!

Tell us something unique about yourself.
"I come from a family that has a strong musical background, my brother and sister are still deeply into music, while I branched into visual arts too." Despite that, Sanja could not live without music. She learned how to play the accordion as a child, later on guitar, and performed playing on djambe drum.

What nail tip would you like to share with everyone?
Sanja loves nail stamping so tells us to take your time. "It's ok to make mistakes and to make a mess." She says that is part of the learning curve. Sanja also stresses the importance of taking the time to clean up around the cuticle area and moisturize.

Sanja has shared some of her beautiful nail stamping manicures with us.

 @hefersanja AEngland, Hit the Bottle stamping polishes, and Clear Jelly Stamper manicure. Available in the US at

Here Sanja has used AEngland Crown of Thistles as a base on the index and pinkie finger. She used China glaze polishes for the watermarble on the 2 middle fingers. The images are stamped with Hit the Bottle stamping polishes and Clear Jelly Stamper CjS-46. This nail art was done with @clairestelle8.


@hefersanja FUN Lacquer and Esmaltes da Kelly Nail stamping plates manicure.

This beautiful multichrome manicure is made with FUN Lacquer Cheers to the Holidays and an Esmaltes da Kelly stamping plate.


@hefersanja nail art using Hit the Bottle stamping polish and Moyra nail stamping plates.

This fun mani is made with Ms. Sparkle nail polish and stamped with Clear Jelly Stamper plate CjS LC-04 using Hit the Bottle - Moonshine + Moyra SP.12


@hefersanja Ladybug Dixie plates nail stamping manicure.

This cute ladybug nail art stamping manicure is made with Dixie Platesusing Moyra, Esmaltes da Kelly, and Hit the Bottle nail stamping polishes. Doesn't it look like that ladybug just wants to fly away?? 

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your nail art with us Sanja! If you'd like to follow Sanja's nail art, you can find her on Instagram at @hefersanja or on her nail art stamping blog My Polished Nails. 

If you have someone you'd like to nominate for Woman Crush Wednesday, tag their name on our Instagram account. We love recognizing those in the nail art community with such great talent.

Happy Stamping!