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Woman Crush Wednesday: @polishedbyleanne

February 13, 2019 2 min read


This week, we're celebrating @polishedbyleanne and showcasing her amazing nail art skills. We love Leanne's nail art because her simple nail art reminds us that sometimes less is more. Even a dash of glitter can complete the manicure!

Nail artist @polishedbyleanne is Beautometry's Woman Crush Wednesday.

Let's get to know Leanne!

When you're not painting your nails, what are you doing?
Leanne is a Beauty Advisor and blogger from Leeds, UK. 

What's your favorite thing about nail art?
Leanne sees it as a way to "switch off from the day and calm the mind." It is mostly for creativity, but also a way to calm the mind.

What was the first nail art product you purchased?
Nail art transfer stickers because they are easier for the beginner.

When and how did your nail obsession begin?
Leanne owns hundreds of bottles of nail polish and it all started about 3 years ago. She was a nail biter and acrylic wearer and wanted to take better care of her nails.

What nail technique is your favorite?
Leanne's favorite technique is reverse stamping. Here's a manicure using the reverse stamping technique. You can find a detailed step by step instructional on reverse stamping on Leanne's blog: PolishedbyLeanne.

Reverse Stamping Decal Nail art technique.

What nail tip would you like to share?
Use cuticle oil and don't pick off your nail polish!

Leanne has shared some of her beautiful nail stamping manicures with us.

@polishedbyleanne nail art using AEngland Puck a Fairy.

This lovely nail art features AEngland Puck a Fairy as the base. AEngland is one of Leanne's favorite polish brands!

AEngland Peasebottom a Fairy is available at in the US and Canada.

This beautiul stamping mani uses AEngland Peaseblossom a Fairy. Look how gorgeous that deep raspberry color is!

Seche Vite and Creative Shop Stamping plate are available at, located in the US.

Another favorite of Leanne's is Seche Vite. This manicure uses Seche Vite as a top coat over stamping done with Creative Shop plate 30.

Here's a tutorial where Leanne shows us another beautiful nail stamping manicure with Creative Shop plate 30. Click the play button to watch.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your nail art with us Leanne! If you'd like to follow Leanne's nail art, you can find her on Instagram at @polishdbyleanne or on her nail art stamping blog Polishedbyleanne. You can also find her on Facebook. 

If you have someone you'd like to nominate for Woman Crush Wednesday, tag their name on our Instagram account. We love recognizing those in the nail art community with such great talent.

Happy Stamping!